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24 August 2010 @ 09:36 am
&ten; One month later with a meme not involving SPN.  
 I blame tehuberfangirl for my recent obsession of Power Rangers and JYB. But i regret nothing :D Now onto the meme!

1) What is your name?


2) Do you like Power Rangers?

Why else would I be doing this?

3) When did you start watching them?

Well, I've seen Mighty Morphin as kid... but only recently did I actually start watching it..

4) What is your favorite Power Rangers team?

Season 2 Mighty Morphin'

5) Who is your favorite Ranger?

Someone already knows the answer to this but it's Adam Park.

6) Who is your favorite villian?

I liked the putties and coggs, when you hit them they made clinky sounds.

7) What is your favorite Zord?

The Mega Dragon Zord...

8) What is your favorite morphing call?

In terms of movement, Zeo. In terms of rangers, Mighty Morphin'. A specific scene? Adam's in Operation Overdrive.

9) What would your team be called and what would they look like?

I'm going to be stupidly random and be all like. Well we'd be called something I can't even tell you it's that awesome, and our outfits would be so outrageous it's not worth the time to type on here.

That and I have no idea.

10) What would you say to Zordon if you ever met him?

Why the hell did you bring Kat. WHAT KIND OF POOR REPLACEMENT FOR ROCKY IN TURBO IS THIS? Why does Adam get the shittiest things? He went from an awesome mastodon to a frog. And in Turbo his hair was just IDK a mess and he got a mini van while the kid got a truck. I think you're racist to Asians or you just don't like Adam very much. Just because Adam is a background ranger doesn't mean he deserves to get the crappy stuff. YOU MAKE MY HEART CRY ZORDON.